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How To Manage Conflict in a Working Environment

Conflict in a working environment

As a journalism and media studies graduate, it was required of me to gain practical experience in my third year of studies.  After making a swift recovery from the “real world”,  I quickly learnt that the working environment was not to be underestimated, for it echoes hard work, difficult bosses and vindictive colleagues.

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Good Food - Great Grades

I can still recall the vibrancy of my mother’s words during exam time: “Pumpkin boosts your intelligence” or “Carrots gives you good eye sight”. While this may have been well indoctrinated in my mind, I have not conducted sound research of these theories.  However, I believed that there may be some wisdom behind her words.  Without a doubt, consuming the right food and drink can improve the body’s natural functioning as well as mental performances.  Yet, for some reason, most of us fall vulnerable to unhealthy diets, especially in exam time.

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