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Ask questions about studying, finance & funding, work & career, relationships, 1st year or anything else that you as a student want to know about.  And if you have the answer to a question posted here, you can post an answer.  Just create your account, login and post.  . Q & A

Fancy Yourself a Writer? Bad Writing Habits You Should Ditch

Nobody can make you a better writer because writing is an art that individuals must master at their own pace, time and style. With plenty of reading:  online blogs, books and newspapers, your writing skills can improve tremendously thus leading to a rewarding experience in the writing world.  The worst thing any writer can do is deprive their writing pieces from originality and begin to imitate successful models.  A genuine writer who wants to maintain originality strives to listen to his own voice, allowing the words to shine and naturally come to life with lively, well crafted pieces!

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Pop Culture - A Means of Expression or Destruction?

pop culture

Popular culture also known as “pop culture” exist everywhere around us and can be seen on television, heard on radio, is highly visible in the places and shops we go to,  the music we listen to, the games we play,  the books we read, the films we watch and even the people we meet.

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Trials and Tribulations and a Good Helping of Self Esteem will get you Everywhere

Student self esteem

Success is a lonely road with few “friends”.  Transitioning from high school to university or college can be fairly negative experience for many students.  This dramatic shift calls for social pressure, greater workload, excessive freedom and overwhelming expectations. If you’re new to campus, you often don’t know anyone and tend to make friends randomly with other students. 

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Old Fashion...Not!

Fashion has the potential to evoke diverse reactions in people: it may raise eye brows, purse lips or drop jaws.  While some fashion statements may seem outrageous or downright hilarious, we cannot deny that the best of designers derive their ideas from trends in the late 60s and early 70s. For many designers, innovative modern trends which stem from vintage fashion, is seen as a guideline to enhance modern fashion

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