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You Strike a Woman, You Strike a Rock

Woman's Day

Wathint'Abafazi Wathint'imbokodo: Now you have touched the women, you have struck a rock!

These are the powerful words that rolled off the tongues of more than 20 000 South African women who took to the streets of Pretoria on 9th August 1956, to express opposition to the Urban Area Act of 1950.

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Voting: The Lifeblood of Democracy

Vote for democracy in SA

Last week, millions of South Africans took time off from their busy schedules to cast their vote!  This year, 2016, South Africa marks 22 years of Democracy in which we, as one nation, regardless of colour and ethnicity, take that one step forward together in hope of a prosperous, progressive South Africa.  This article has been written objectively and refrains from taking any political stance.  The aim of this article is to educate and inform our youth about the significance of voting.

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"...it made me stronger..." The Story of Niyaaz Pertersen - Part 1

“…coming from an underprivileged area was never an obstacle; instead it made me stronger…”

Often we admire and desire the sparkling success of students after they graduate and venture forth into the “real world”, but how often do we as those looking in from the outside, spare a thought for the trials and tribulations embedded behind those glitzy accomplishments?

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Fancy Yourself a Writer? Bad Writing Habits You Should Ditch

Nobody can make you a better writer because writing is an art that individuals must master at their own pace, time and style. With plenty of reading:  online blogs, books and newspapers, your writing skills can improve tremendously thus leading to a rewarding experience in the writing world.  The worst thing any writer can do is deprive their writing pieces from originality and begin to imitate successful models.  A genuine writer who wants to maintain originality strives to listen to his own voice, allowing the words to shine and naturally come to life with lively, well crafted pieces!

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