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Ask questions about studying, finance & funding, work & career, relationships, 1st year or anything else that you as a student want to know about.  And if you have the answer to a question posted here, you can post an answer.  Just create your account, login and post.  . Q & A

SKA Project - Gateway for Graduates

Graduates working on SKA

but it's not without hard work and sacrifice...

South Africa is embarking on a marvellous journey into the world of science and we as South African citizens should be proud that our country, along with Australia, will be co-hosting this global scientific project. Yes… we’re talking about the well renowned Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project!

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How Social Media Can Influence Your Career (Dos and DON’Ts)

Social Media is taking the world by storm, and has begun to play a pivotal role how your potential employer may perceive you. A simple Google Search of your name could rank your social media profiles first and it’s one of the ways a future employer may determine whether you are a good fit to the company culture. A positive presence on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can propel a candidate to the top of a job application.

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Learn to Say NO!

Times are tough, days are dark, money is scarce while friends and family are few.  Yes, … this unfortunately, is the ugly truth.

Let’s face it… when you’re loaded and able to give more, you’re all of a sudden missed by many and tremendously popular.  It's the times when you genuinely don't have the means to help the, if I may, “financially handicapped”, when you’re forgotten...

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